Очки для тренировки дриблинга - 3 штуки

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Цена за 3 штуки.

Очки для улучшения дриблинга. На резинке, 1 размер подходит всем.

  • HEADS UP - Blocks vision from chest down so players won't even see the ball out of their peripheral vision.
  • BETTER BALL CONTROL - Learn to dribble by the feel of the basketball instead of sight of the ball.
  • KEEP SHOOTING - Goggles do not interfere with shooting the basketball so you can wear them while doing many drills.
  • DEVELOP COURT VISION - Learn to see the court and teammates. Make the ball become an afterthought.
  • DEVELOP MORE CONFIDENCE - Dribbling will become easier in games increasing players confidence of handling the basketball vs. defenders.
Learn To Play Basketball by Feel, and Not Sight.
Dribble Specs Restrict Downward Vision
Practice by Yourself, or with a Coach!
Practice Makes Perfect



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